04 Maggio 2016

On Friday, April 16, the sustainable mobility plan “Bluecar” for Balloré Group’s investment was presented at Politecnico di Torino, which is always in the front line when it comes to promoting Turin’s innovation projects.

Graziano Delerio, italian Minister of Infrastructures, and PIero Fassino, Turin’s Mayor, attended the inauguration. The initiative of the French group increases the car sharing offers already belonging to the city of Turin in an ecological way.

In December 2015 the Region of Turin published in its website: “700 columns will be made available to everyone and up to 400 cars will cover the city area by 2017”. This represented a step forward in the reality of the Piemonte region, and an important and significant message to the citizens. The first step of this project consists in the installation of five refilling stations, placed at strategic positions near the center: Politecnico, Turin Exposition, Cadore’s street and XX settembre street. This service is an efficient alternative to conventional public transport. According to “La Stampa”, the Bluecars, with their Lite-Metal-polymer batteries developed by Balloré’s group, have an autonomy of 250 km on urban streets.

The program was presented in a particular moment for Turin: just a few months ago, the Italian political sphere was looking for a way to decrease pollution. Those days free tickets for public transportation were offered. Pollution is a real problem for Turin and the diffusion of electric cars can help to contain this phenomenon. However, this attempt seems very difficult, mainly because it implies a change in drivers’ mentalities: they need to give up the idea of owing their own car and make their minds up to use a shared car that does not belong to them. This said, electric cars are a valid alternative for students or for those people who have the necessity or the will to drive, but do not own a car.

Auto Bluecar nella postazione del Politecnico di Torino
Auto Bluecar outside Politecnico di Torino

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