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25 Ottobre 2017

Some love them, some hate them and some make fun of them arguingthey are not actual engineers, but merely economists in disguise. We hence decided, for everyone’scomfortat Politecnico, to dispel the myth and finally uncover the mystery: why did management engineers not choose Economics?

What do they study at university?

A management engineer, while still a student, studies all sorts ofeconomical subjects: marketing, business administration, finance, etc. Those are followed by some other more ‘’engineering’’ subjects, such as Logistics and Programming, and production control, which deal with the understanding of how to plan and work in a sector, from the purchase of raw materialsto the marketing of products. They are also ‘’forced’’ to follow all those courses aimed to form them as more of engineers than economists; we are talking about calculus, physics, chemistry, geometry, materials technologies, production systems and the more the better.

Those who attend Economics classes do not study rigid bodies!

Do they really find an employment more easily?

Legend has it that a management engineer has an easy life once in the job market. Only time (and Alma Laurea statistics) will confirm or deny such sayings. However, they are definitely seen as flexible, dynamic people with a combination of skillsthat makes them winning in the eyes of companies.

In which sectors are recentely graduated management engineers being recruited?

They cover roles in the purchasing sector, working as buyers, that is, those who deal with the supply of goods and services necessary to develop activities. They plan the purchase and negotiate the contracts, as favourable as possible. Another role to be covered isthat of quality management: monitoring the entire production chain, from the supplier to the seller, making sure that quality standards, required by managers, are being met.

Are there any lines of work in which management engineers might overslap with economists?

Yes. Both management engineers and economists are usually very popular figures. Common sectors are certainly the commercial one – such as sells, advertisement and marketing – and corporate finance. In such cases, it is possible to find these two mythical icons working together without having (too many) problems with that. In recent times though, engineers are entering the business consultancy sector, which was mostly ruled by the economists.

Is there any area where economics is wanted more than management?

Yes. The area responsible for Human Resources is usually assigned to people graduated in Economics or Psychology even, and not to Management Engineers. We hope we have clarified some concepts and that, from today on, you will start being concerned about your management engineering colleagues. They will love you more and stop rolling their eyes back whenever you tell them management engineering is nothing but economics.

Alessio Colella

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