Turin Cybersec Hackathon

On November 18thand 25th-26th, Turin will turn into the battlefield of a unique event: JEToP, sponsored by KPMG and Shielder, presents Turin CybersecHackaton, the Capture The Flag aiming to conquer Turin. The event is structuredin two parts: one day devoted to training and going through IT security issues and two further days of competition.

What is a CTF?

Nowadays, computer security is the only way to protect private information from viruses or hacker attacks, as explained in detail in this article.

CTF, or Capture The Flag, is a team or single component computer science competition aiming to raise awareness on computer security. By means of hacking techniques, players try to break through a system and gather the information that represents the flag to be stolen, but at the same time they have to defend themselves from enemies’ attacks.

Targets are obviously setsuitably to the occasion, and they show, in their very nature, leaks in the system, though hidden, as to simulate a real cyber attack.

At the end of the competition, which may end in time or by obtaining enemies’ flags, scores are checked and the winner is announced.

BOOTSTRAP: From Zero to Hero

This is the first part of the event, held on November 18th. Training topics will focus on cyber security and the main hacking techniques will be deepened. The day will begin with talks, held by experts in the field, who will go into detail on the topics. Afterwards, workshops will be held to concretely apply such notions. At the end of the day, a test will take place: only those who will prove themselves to be successful will access to the actual competition.

Turin CTF: The Siege

The second phase will take place on the 25th and 26th of November and will consist of a 34-hour competition. Two teams – red and blue – will be formed, and they will fight to conquer Turin. During the challenge the teams will alternate attack and defence phases, plotting the best attack strategies and preparing shields to face the opponent.

Participants are not required to bring a PC from home: all the equipment is already on the spot;all they need is skills and ability! Furthermore, during the event, a number of breaks have been planned: participants will be offered a full service, i.e., lunch, aperitif, breakfast and some snacks.

For more information, visit cybersec.jetop.com or follow JEToP’s social pages.

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