Videos are often the most effective advertisements. Videomaking offers a wide selection of video and photo services, ranging from the trailer for an event to photoshoot for newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, all our services are studied to have wide diffusion on social media. To make our videos, we work with the best software and visual effects. Even the locations are chosen ad hoc based on the project, together with the client, who is accompanied in each phase, so as to guarantee the desired result.

Mariaserena Di Giovanni

Head of Design

Social Media Management

Social media are a very powerful tool in a professional environment. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are only a few of the many popular social networks worldwide. A social profile enables to establish a daily connection with customers. A wise administration of it reinforces earnings. We offer an all-inclusive social media management service, from the creation of a social profile to the actual content posting: we pick – together with our customers – the best strategy to be followed, and set a publishing plan.

Alessandra Paoloni

Head of Marketing & Communication

Application Development

In the last few years, smartphone applications have turned into an actual business. We provide our customers with application development for the main operating systems (Android and iOS). Our team’s skills allow to shape up applications accordingly with the customers’ needs. Applications allow to integrate one’s website, making it easy, simple and intuitive to surf through pages – everything in an app is just one click away. The use of services through smartphone apps is an experience which, nowadays, nearly everyone has.

Federico Bono

Head of IT

Web Development

Starting from an advertising website, all the way to a more widely structured one, managing databases and e-commerce services. A company – be it large or small– with its own website, is likely to have a good online presence. This is the service our customers require the most, that in which we are specialised. We are witnessing a large demand of website development, particularly amongst little or new companies, aimed at promoting their work.

Federico Bono

Head of IT

Brand and Graphic Design

The design appearance of contents is not to be underestimated. When dealing in this field, there are some very strict rules to be followed in order to leave nothing to chance. A company with a solid and well-defined brand is always one step ahead of the others. To own a highly recognisable graphic identity is essential in order to be competitive on the market. Just as much importance is to be given to the layout of websites: every element must be in the right place, fitting in a graphic layout that customers can fully personalise.

Mariaserena Di Giovanni

Head of Design



Conception and realisation of the event. Creation of a graphic identity and logistics management. Innovative Marketing and Communication strategy and search for partners and exhibitors.

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Rebranding and creation of a static website.

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Creation of a graphic identity and web development of an online portal which processes quotes for various activities related to the construction industry.

Lenti A Contatto

Creation of a multi-platform app and website with its own graphic identity.

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SAP Fighting

Web development of an e-commerce service with a high number of products.

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Graphic identity and website creation for the SFS (Subalpine Photographic Society) with an enrollment form for courses and online payment.

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