Why join JEToP?

JEToP’s team is exclusively composed by university students. Studying, working and having fun are the three key words that characterise the path of a Junior Enterprise. Everyone learns thanks to constant discussion and confrontation, provided by a stimulating environment, and thanks to the work done in projects requested by actual customers. And once the objective is achieved… Celebrations are in order!

Our areas

  • Marketing & Communication

  • HR & Logistics

  • Sales

  • Information Technologies

  • Design

How they work

Each area operates within a specific sector: Design, IT, Sales, Human Resources & Logistics, Marketing & Communication. To work on an event or on a service, the areas coordinate and collaborate with one another, so that the work is properly divided, in order to reach the best results.


Selections to join JEToP occur two times a year, the first during Autumn and the second during Summer. Being part of JEToP means discovering a young and dynamic environment, but also the opportunity to go beyond the simple university experience, practicing concepts learned during lessons and learning new ones, according to the “learning by doing” concept. As a matter of fact, JEToP allows its members to acquire knowledge and soft skills that are more and more required in the job market.


Business case


Trial period


Recruitment is currently closed. Keep following us to have news about the spring round!